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Cheap Whey Protein

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Regardless of whether you are building muscle mass or just burning fat to lose weight, the cheapest whey protein powders still provide the essential nutrients to support your body without costing a fortune. In this section, we’re looking for the best value protein powders. Yes, we could have gone out and found rock bottom prices that are $5 cheaper per 5lb tub, but like everything else in life – you get what you pay for… you should never cheap out on a sports supplement, there are so many bad players out there just waiting to take your money and run.

In order to find the best cheap protein powder, we keep a close eye on the prices of our favorite supplements and update the below list as and when a really good protein powder is on sale, or at least reduced in price in some significant way.

 There are many ways to make a cheap whey protein powder, and most of them involve reducing the Whey content and other useful (expensive) nutrients and increasing the filler ingredients that at best don’t help and at worst – are harmful to your body.

We make sure to stay clear of any self proclaimed cheapest whey protein powder as put simply, they tend to be hiding something. Our top 5 cheap whey protein powder list below is constantly in flux – changing every month as and when a new deal comes up from one of our favorite brands.

If finding the most affordable protein powder out there is not your primary objective, then check out our best whey protein powder charts on our home page.

Just because you’re on a budget, shouldn’t mean you should scrimp on quality. Our recommendations may not be the cheapest whey protein powders on the market, but they are the best value and when you’re talking about just an extra $5 for a 5lb tub, I think we can all agree, if the protein powder is better – it’s well worth paying just that little bit extra.

The best value cheap protein powder right now is from BSN. Read our full BSN Syntha 6 protein powder review and find out why it’s absolutely the best cheap protein shake on the market today.

Top 5 Cheap whey protein powders

Cheapest whey protein – Our ‘Nearly made it into the top 5’ List

 The following supplements are all powders that at one point in time have been in our cheap whey protein chart and may find themselves back in there again should they go on sale. 

The Optimum Nutrition Gold standard 100% Whey

This is definitely one of the best cheap whey Isolate protein products around. For more info, please check our Gold Standard whey protein review

Like the Cellucor below, as it’s an isolate – Gold Standard is never going to be as cheap as some other protein powders but it sure does give bang for your buck. If you’re really looking to build and tone those muscles to the max – then you really should be looking towards getting an Isolate powder no matter the cost. If finances can’t quite stretch to the expense of most Isolate powders out there, then you should definitely check the latest deals on Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey

One of the most popular choices on the market today. It’s been around for quite a while. Possibly the reason for it’s popularity, is there ridiculous range of flavors they offer. 27 different flavors in total! But it’s not all about taste. Gold Standard Whey has some stats to die for – it’s got the right amount of Whey concentrates, whey isolates, and Hydrolyzed Isolates with very low levels of fat all combined at a cheap price, make this one of the best cheap whey protein powders available today.


cheapest whey protein

Gold standard 100% Whey – cheapest whey protein


Cellucor Cor-Performance Whey

We’ve just finished our full review of  Cellucor Cor-Performance Whey . It’s one of the cheapest whey protein Isolate supplements around at the moment, so superb value for money, however it just wasn’t cheap enough to be called one of the best cheap whey protein powders. Which is a shame really, as it’s a personal favourite and I usually take every opportunity to extol the virtues of anything that Cellucor make! They really know how to make unbelievable products at bare minimum costs.

The Cellucor Cor Performance Whey protein shake does not contain any stimulants and only small trace amounts of fat and carbs. It really does go a long way to set the standard for cheap whey isolate protein shakes. 

It mixes very well in both water or milk and the taste is definitely above average. We only tested the Molten Chocolate and Strawberry milkshake. Both were very tasty – but for us the Molten Chocolate won – it’s one of the best tasting chocolate protein powders we’ve had.

cheapest whey protein

Cellucor Cor-Performance Whey – cheapest whey protein


Muscletech Phase8

Muscletech Phase8 is one of the cheapest whey protein formulations, and it is a powerful muscle building protein powder blend that helps in sustaining the release of protein in the body for a very long time. The whey protein product will ensure that Protein and Amino acid are released to sustain muscle building and maintenance for a long period of time. Each scoop of Muscletech Phase8 will provide 26g of milk protein that has been blended perfectly. This product also comes with clean micro-nutrients and has the lowest amount of carbs and fats in the whey protein industry.

One of the benefits of using Muscletech Phase8 is that it produces 8-hour sustained release of Protein into the blood, making it readily absorbed. With the long sustenance of protein in your blood stream , this whey protein product is 100% anabolic in nature, and that means it can sustain a muscle building environment for longer periods of time. Muscletech Phase8 has 6 major sources of high quality Protein, these include; Hydrolyzed Isolates of protein, Isolates of whey protein, concentrates of whey protein, and Calcium Caseinate. Muscletech Phase8 provides great value for its price and it is quite convenient to consume.

cheapest whey protein

Muscletech Phase8 – cheapest whey protein


MusclePharm Combat Powder

MusclePharm Combat Powder Is one of the cheapest whey protein products around, and it is formulated to feed your muscles for 8 hours or more. This muscle powder provides energy aside building your muscle mass with lots of protein and amino acid components. The product is laden with great flavour therefore it produces some great-tasting effect. MusclePharm Combat Powder comes with 5 different great proteins with different protein release speeds. Each scoop of this when protein product contains 25g of high quality protein that provides great mix and you can conveniently take it everywhere you go.

MusclePharm Combat Powder is specially formulated for athletes and individuals who regularly engage in muscle-building activities. This is an easy product that can be mixed and shaken with other liquids such as water and milk. You can consume this whey protein product with your regular snacks. MusclePharm Combat Powder comes in diverse delicious flavours including; Chocolate milk, Banana cream, Orange Creamsicle, Mint chocolate chip, Cinnamon Bun , Cookies and cream, Vanilla and Triple berry. You can save as much as $45 ordering the cheapest whey protein online.

cheapest whey protein

Combat Powder – cheapest whey protein


Cheapest whey protein – Conclusion

Our favourite cheapest whey protein is the BSN Syntha 6 at the moment. BSN are doing some really great things in the supplement world at the moment. They do a fantastic pure whey isolate powder too, which is slightly more expensive, but well worth the extra if you can afford it. Check it out.

It’s also important to be aware of the protein powder side effects that can occur, for a full list of them please check out our article.



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