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Whey Isolate vs Concentrate

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Knowledge is a key factor for performing and obtaining results. When it comes to the supplements market, you need to know everything about the products you’re using, in order to see which one works best for you. A popular choice among athletes and bodybuilders is whey protein, as it’s able to bring a massive improvement in your gym outcomes. It burns fat, boosts the immune system and is easy to absorb, so no wonder it’s the first option when looking at the protein market.

You can find whey protein in three forms: isolate, concentrate and hydrolysate. We would like to tell you about the differences between isolate and concentrate, therefore easing your thought process regarding this aspect – what protein should I choose?

From the beginning, you should know that all forms contain whey protein, but the other two are made from whey concentrate. It goes something like this: – whey concentrate – > whey isolate -> hydrolysate. Whey concentrate goes through processing, resulting whey isolate, a product with more protein per unit than whey concentrate. Hydrolysate, on the other side, is obtained by purifying whey isolate.

But where does whey protein come from? Well, it is separated from milk during the cheese making process. The liquid whey obtained from this method can be used to make whey protein. At first, it is just water with  protein, fat, carbohydrates and lactose. During the filtering process, fat, lactose, carbohydrates and some other unwanted ingredients are removed, leaving you with a great final product, named whey concentrate. After, if you continue filtering the obtained protein, removing more lactose, carbohydrates and fat, you’ll be left with a supplement that provides you 10-15% more protein.

Although whey concentrated is denatured, its qualities do not get affected. You will end up with a better product, whey isolate, if you consider the protein per serving scale. Your body is also capable of absorbing and digesting whey isolate at a much quicker rate than concentrate. So that protein is set to work building your muscles faster. As I’m sure you’ve heard, you should drink your protein shakes almost immediately after exercise, so it gets to work rebuilding those muscle fibres right away, so you would assume that because Isolate is absorbed quicker than concentrate – its the best option.

On the other hand, whey concentrate has all its components intact and is theoretically better for your health overall. For those with lactose intolerance, we recommend whey isolate, a friendlier product for people with allergies and restrictions. However, it is the more expensive option.

Whey isolate is more rapidly absorbed than concentrates, but it can mess up with your insulin level. It’s a supplement preferred by many after hard workouts, meaning that if your objective is to maximize muscle recuperation after intense physical activity, then isolate is the answer for you.

whey isolate vs concentrate absorbtion rates

All in all, both have pros and cons, and if you need to decide between whey concentrate and whey isolate, you should take into consideration some aspects, like your gym goals, budget or health problems. If you’re looking for a product that helps you achieve overall good health, helps you lose weight and save money, don’t waste your time and buy whey concentrate. It’s whey isolate we’re recommending to those who seek to tear apart the weights in the gym, who want to become bigger and more powerful by every day. Both have pros and cons, but in the end it all depends on you to make the right choice for your personal requirements.

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