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Are Weider supplements a good choice?

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Are Weider protein powders and supplements good? They’ve been around for a long time for sure.

Find out if they make it into our top 5 protein powders of 2017

If you’re passionate about bodybuilding you’ve heard of Joe Weider. He’s the co-founder of the International Federation of BodyBuilders, creator of Mr. Olympia and was the publisher of several bodybuilding and fitness-related magazines, most notably Muscle & Fitness, Flex, Men’s Fitness and Shape. His family also founded Weider Nutrition in 1936, and the legacy goes on even today.

Sometimes, the brand is not everything

Weider supplements are very popular among people who start lifting, but are they a good choice and are they picked up by professionals? You may be surprised, but the answer is NO. Yes, they have a brilliant reputation, being used by starter bodybuilders like Arnold Scwarzenegger or Lou Ferrigno, but thinks have changed and competition on the supplemenets market got harder. No one doubts that the quality may have remained the same, but God, are they pricey! There’s simply better products out there that come a lot cheaper. Bodybuilders with experience think that Weider supplements have the cheapest ingredients on the market today, but still promote the products as brilliant or remarkable for your workout routine. At expertprotein, we’ve tried and tested practically every protein powder and supplement out there and for our money, there’s much better alternatives at cheaper prices these days. 

Yes, they’re expensive already

It’s a strong opinion, maybe a bit to harsh, but still, if you ask us, the balance between quality and price is not in your favor. However, Weider supplements remain a strong player on the nutrition market with mixable, digestible, effective products, and they deserve a try. If you can afford to. Now that you’ve seen our conclusions, what’s your opinion on this subject? Have you ever tried any Weider supplements? Were you satisfied with the quality/price ratio? Please let us know in the comments section below!

Weider Prime – The Truth about The Testosterone Boosters

Weider prime testosterone boosterWhether your testosterone levels are noticeable declining or you want to prevent the unpleasant feeling of losing your agility, strength, and libido, you can be considering testosterone-boosting supplements. The variety men face on the market today is striking. It’s often hard to tell one name from another, let alone understand which one is better. There are a few things you need to check when choosing the best testosterone booster for your needs.

  • Ingredients
  • Reviews
  • Side Effects

Most people fall victims to colorful advertising and don’t realize that they can buy something better. When it comes to your health and overall well-being, it’s important to do at least a brief research to find out if you are buying a worthy product.

Let’s take a look at one of the popular testosterone boosters on the market today – Weider Prime.

Benefits of Weider Prime

  • Increased endurance
  • Fat reduction
  • Easier lean muscle building
  • Increased focus
  • Boosted vitality
  • Improved libido

Disadvantages of Weider Prime

  • The results are poor compared to similar testosterone-boosting products available on the market today
  • The ingredient list is less than impressive
  • Allergic reactions are possible

How Does Weider Prime Work?

This supplement stimulates the natural testosterone production in your body. The natural ingredients contained in the supplement were tested and showed an ability to boost the natural testosterone levels. As opposed to steroids, this supplement has virtually no side effects besides some allergic reactions, which are rather rare.

If you take Weider Prime on a regular basis, you can experience improvement in your overall health condition. Users report an increase of muscle mass, the return of libido, and an easier focus. However, the results appear rather slowly. Since after you turn 30, the testosterone levels start declining, and the older you get, the faster they decline, you need something potent to boost them. While Weider Prime works like other testosterone boosters do, it doesn’t do the job fast enough. That’s why the results are not always as satisfactory as you want them to be.

The reason of such performance is a lack of some vital ingredients that you can find in other popular testosterone-boosting supplements, such as Prime Male. Another reason is their dosage, which is often too low for proper results. Overall, Weider Prime works, but it doesn’t seem to work well enough for the needs of most men.

Weider Prime Ingredients

weider prime ingredients

Let’s take a look at the ingredients contained in the Weider Prime supplement since they are what makes it work the way it does.

Vitamin D3 – Several studies were done to show that vitamin D3 has an effect on testosterone levels in males. While the effect is not huge, it’s steady, which makes this vitamin a great addition to the list of natural ingredients in the testosterone-boosting supplements.

Vitamin B6 – This vitamin suppresses the estrogen production in the body. This helps the testosterone levels increase. It also regulates androgen production that improves T-levels. A Vitamin B6 deficiency leads to bad appetite and fatigue.

Vitamin B12 – This vitamin regulates the production of sperm and improves overall testicular function. It’s vital to the good functioning of the nervous system and the brain as well as blood cell formation.

Calcium – While everyone knows that calcium is great for bones and teeth, its other important functions are often overlooked. Recent studies found that calcium could increase testosterone levels.

Zinc – This is an essential mineral for the overall function of our body. Zinc deficiency decreases testosterone levels significantly. Our bodies can’t store zinc, that’s why we need to supply it on a regular basis.

Chromium – This is another important mineral, the deficiency of which can lead to testosterone decrease. It’s important to keep chromium levels up. The daily recommended dosage is 200 -300 micrograms. Weider Prime contains 200.

DIM (Diindolylmethane) – DIM boost the metabolism of estrogen and increases 2-hydroxy estrogens. These two abilities help improve free testosterone. DIM helps maintain a proper balance between estrogen and free testosterone.

Ashwagandha – A study published in Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition stated that regular intake of Ashwagandha when coupled with exercises helps increase muscle mass and significantly boost testosterone levels.

Cordyceps – This is a mushroom extract, which is believed to increase testosterone levels and treat various ailments. However, none of the studies that were done to test this extract’s abilities found any proof that it can naturally boost the testosterone in males.

Piperine – This is just black pepper, which can improve the absorption of the rest of the ingredients.

Weider Prime vs Prime Male

Since Prime Male is one of the leading testosterone-boosting products on the market, let’s compare it to Weider Prime to get an idea how effective the latter is. Below are the differences between the two:

1. Vitamin D3 Content

As we noted above, the Vitamin D3 is important for increasing testosterone levels. Both supplements contain this vitamin. However, Weider Prime contains only 400 IU, while the Prime Male features 5,000 IU. The difference is obvious. Since this vitamin is a weak booster, you need plenty of it to see the effect.

2. Zinc Content
Our bodies require constant zinc supply in order to avoid testosterone level decrease. Weider Prime contains only 15 mg of zinc, while Prime Male offers 30 mg. 15 mg is a low to average dosage needed to maintain zinc levels in the body, while 30 mg is average to high dosage that deals with prevention as well as the elimination of the zinc deficiency.

3. List of Ingredients
While the Weider Prime contains many ingredients, most of them are vitamins. Essentially, it features 3 active ingredients: DIM, Ashwagandha, and cordyceps. Only the first two were proven to have a slight effect on the testosterone levels in men. Accordingly, the list of the ingredients is less than impressive.

Besides offering the same vitamins and minerals, Prime Male has several important extracts that were proven to improve testosterone levels. It contains DAA – an acid that stimulates natural testosterone production. DAA also helps calcium do its job properly.

Overall, the list of ingredients in Weider Prime is significantly less impressive than in Prime Male. This is one of the main reasons why Weider Prime is not as effective.

4. Availability
Weider Prime is available in stores while you can purchase Prime Male only from the manufacturer’s website. While it might seem an advantage for Weider Prime at first, it brings about a possibility of forgery. When it comes to taking supplements for testosterone boosting, it’s vital to get original products. Otherwise, you’ll lose months waiting for the effect. That’s why the best bet is to order the products from the official manufacturer.

5. Cost
Weider Prime is cheaper than Prime Male. The difference can reach more than $20 per 120-capsule bottle. However, considering the slow effect of Weider Prime, the cost difference is insignificant.

Is Weider Prime Effective?

When it comes to taking testosterone-boosting supplements, the results tend to vary from person to person. Someone can see improvements in one week, while another has to wait for over a month to feel the difference.

Weider Prime is effective for men who are not looking for short-term results. The effect of Weider Prime is slow and not as obvious as men usually desire.

Final Verdict

Overall, Weider Prime is an average testosterone-boosting supplement with a good number of effective ingredients. It can improve the testosterone levels in a male’s body over time. However, the effects of this supplement are slight. Most men wouldn’t be satisfied by the insignificant effects this remedy offers.
Perhaps it can be a good choice for young men who want to use the supplement to maintain average results in the gym. However, older males, who are starting to feel the effect of testosterone decline, might want to look at other products on the market, such as Prime Male, to get better results.


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