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Weider Gold Whey

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Weider Gold Whey is a quality food supplement which is rich in carbohydrates and other nutrients like Omega-3, sugar, salt, and BCAA etc that are essential for the body to speed up metabolism and help in development. As the food supplement is not derived from milk, therefore it is specifically good as a source of nutrition for anyone who is lactose intolerant.

Weider Gold Whey protein has a quicker effect on the body as compared to other supplements. This is because this product undergoes ultra filtration making it easily absorbed by the body muscles. The process of micro filtration ensures that the essentials are not lost and preserved.

Owing to quick absorption and high nutrient content, when you consume the Weider Gold Whey along with continuous work out, the muscle development and regeneration is quicker, showing better results in lesser time. This attribute of the protein makes it an ideal drink to be consumed post workout when the muscles are in most need of nutrients. It will also keep you satiated for a longer duration saving extra eating that happens due to post workout cravings. 

The fine nature of the Weider Gold Whey protein powder also makes it easy to mix. Unlike many other supplements, Weider Gold Whey protein does not form any lumps in milk or water when mixing and also dissolves easily. It is easily digestible and therefore does not give any issues of bloating or uneasiness in stomach even when taken over an empty stomach. The vanilla taste makes it easy to drink too! For more protein powder reviews check out our reviews here at

Weider Gold Whey Benefits

  • Manufactured with quality ingredients, Weider Gold Whey helps in improving athletic performance
  • Assists weight gain in individuals with weight loss problems
  • Increases the levels of glutathione in HIV affected individuals
  • When taken post workout, helps in quick recovery and weight gain in form of lean muscle
  • The high protein content helps strengthen the immune system of the body preventing diseases
  • As per studies, infants regularly consuming the supplement are less prone to allergies
  • Weider Gold Whey protein has Omega-3 which has health promoting capabilities
  • Has glycomacropeptides, a nutrient that controls appetites and prevents excessive weight gain
  • Quick regeneration of muscles when used with exercise compared to other supplements
  • Highly beneficial for individuals with problems of asthma, obesity, cancer and high cholesterol
  • Perfect substitute for milk, in infants who are lactose intolerant

 Our Weider Gold Whey Protein Review

Weider Gold Whey protein is popular owing to its quality and effectiveness. Keep in mind that we also consume protein through many other sources of our daily diet. If your protein intake through normal diet is meeting the required amount, then consuming protein powder may not be required. However, if you need extra protein as in case of body building or due to some health ailments or your normal diet does not meet the body’s requirements of protein then you should go for protein powder. And when looking for one, go for a brand that is tried and trusted to be safe and nutritious for you.


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