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Protein Powder Side Effects

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Protein Powder Side Effects

Protein powder is being consumed at such high rate nowadays that the protein powder industry has become one the most revenue generating industries. Due to the high stress lifestyle of today, nutrition needs are being satisfied by artificial products. Need to build body as fast as possible is pushing people towards buying protein powders. Though they are beneficial in many ways, yet there are several serious protein powder side effects that you should be aware of before introducing it in large doses in your diet. For ideas of what protein powders to use check out our protein powder reviews page.

One protein powder which have minimal side effects is the Bulk Supplements Clean Whey Isolate, which is also featured on our list of cheapest whey protein products.

Below there are some protein side effects:

Protein Powder Side Effects

  1. Increased cancer chances – High consumption of soy protein powder can lead to increased chances of cancer as it contains phytoestrogens, which in high doses is known to cause cancer especially in women.
  2. protein powder side effects – One phenomenon which attributes to protein powder side effects is that the way body deals with high content of amino acids. Due to high alkalinity kidney secretes more acids and bones release more calcium. Over prolonged usage of high amounts of protein powders, there can loss in bone density especially in women.
  3. Increased Strain on Kidneys – High protein diets release excess of a substance called ketones, which needs to be excreted from the body frequently leading to high strain on kidneys. People with weak kidneys tend to suffer more from this protein powder side effect. Even completely healthy kidneys over a long span of time can become weak owing to this process.
  4. Weight Gain – When protein powder is ingested, extra protein is being supplied to the body. Extra protein cannot be stored in the body. It needs to be utilized to build muscle. So if you are not exercising enough to utilize the protein intake, then as a protein side effect, it tends to transform into fat gradually leading to weight gain.
  5. Toxic metals accumulation – Some studies have shown that almost all protein powders contain trace amounts of toxic heavy metals. If consumed for a very long period, these toxic metals can accumulate and cause serious illness.
  6. Dehydration – The ketones produced as a result of high dosages of protein powder are toxins and need to be removed from the body. This is done by kidney and results in extra loss of water. So, if your fluid intake is not enough, than there is a chance of dehydration and other related side effects.

Stomach ailments: This is a less serious of the protein side effects. Large intake of lactose based protein powders can cause stomach discomfort and issues like diarrhea.

  1. Incomplete Nutrition: Consuming protein drink as meal supplements can deprive your body from the much needed fiber and natural substance requirement leading to less nutrition.
  2. Not fully Satiating: Studies and researches show that consuming only fluids is less satiating or fulfilling for the body. This is more of a powder side effect of protein. Chewing can give the body much better feeling of being full without producing urges to eat something solid.


Protein Powder Side Effects

CONCLUSION – Hopefully now you have a better idea of the potential protein powder side effects which you can suffer with.

Protein powder side effects

HOW TO AVOID – Just make sure to use everything in moderation, check the quality of the ingredients on any protein powder you use and never use out of date or expired protein powder. We also recommend checking out this guide to learn more about protein powders and supplements. Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

protein powder side effects

Protein powder side effects

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