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Pea Protein Powder Review

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Pea Protein Powder

Here is a review of pea protein powder, I don’t know about you but have you ever heard of pea protein powder ? I hadn’t so I decided to this some research to inform others!

Looking for the right protein powder may become a difficult task, especially with the endless brands and types of protein powders available in the market now days.

If you are looking for a protein powder that can be consumed safely for a long term then whey, casein or even soy protein can become a bit of a problematic choice.

The reason being these protein powders have some allergens which when ingested for a long period of time can give stomach problems like bloating, cramps and indigestion.

Also for people who are vegetarians, vegans or are lactose intolerant the search for the perfect protein powder becomes even tougher.

Pea protein powder can be a great choice for you if any of the above reasons is a bother to you or even if you are looking for the healthiest protein supplement. Fortunately there are next to zero protein powder side effects.

Pea protein powder is derived from yellow peas. It is purely organic and vegetarian. This particular protein powder is dairy free making it perfect for lactose intolerant people.

It is also gluten free, so in case you are watching your diet then it is perfect as your protein supplement and being soy free prevents any unwanted bloating and stomach ailments!

Pea Protein Powder Benefits:

  • High BCAAs: Pea protein powder has high BCAA content. This amino acid is very effective in muscle building and always helps in keep the body satiated for a longer period of time. So if you consume pea protein drink after a workout, muscle development is easier and also the intense post workout hunger is combated! BCAA also helps in reducing fat and are absorbed easily, releasing energy.

  • High protein content: A good quality pea protein powder has protein content as high as whey protein. So if you need not be concerned that your body building is going to be affected just because you are opting for a vegan product.

  • Low carbohydrates: Compared to other types of protein supplements, pea protein powder is way lower in carbohydrates. So if you are exercising to lose the fat, then drinking this particular protein shake will help in muscle development without such carbohydrate consumption.

  • It mixes: Pea protein powder mixes easily in every shake or drink. The problem with most protein powders is that they are difficult to mix and end up as lumps in the drink which are tasteless. With pea protein there is no such issue, it can mix easily and does not alter the taste of the drink much, just makes it a bit grainer. Read more on our article for a list of the best tasting protein powders.

Pea protein powder is a healthy alternative for the regular protein drinks. A high quality pea protein can fulfil all your amino acid needs, not cause any ailments in long term usage.

Also it will keep you full for longer, help in faster muscle building, keep a check on weight while at the same time be vegetarian and dairy free.

You can learn more about the benefits here.

So if your daily diet is not meeting your need for protein or if you need additional protein for building you body, try the pea protein powder. You would love it! 🙂

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