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Does Testosterone Burn Fat?

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Does Testosterone burn fat?

To lose weight, you have to burn more calories than you consume. The secret to weight loss is no mystery…hardcore workout and a balanced diet.

Although a new study suggests that obese men, when dosed with testosterone shots did lose a significant amount of weight.

What happens is, obesity damages test production in the body and without testosterone, it becomes easy for the body to store excessive fat. Boosting T levels reverses the effect in obese men.

Your body should be producing enough Testosterone to aid in the ability to burn fat effectively, so that along with a relatively healthy diet and a modicum of exercise – you keep the pounds off. Sadly, in this day and age – it doesn’t quite work out that easily.

Can low testosterone cause weight gain

There are numerous reasons why your body may not be producing as much Testosterone as it should. Be it age related, genetics or even diet related. We’ve known for years that too many foods known to boost levels of estrogen and not enough foods known to boost Test levels is an imbalanced diet plan that will work against you in the fight to keep off the pounds. Have a quick look through our guide on the top testosterone boosting foods for more natural testosterone weight loss tips.

How does taking testosterone make you lose weight?

what testosterone looks likeI think It’s safe to assume most people now know that it’s a fairly simple equation to work out how to lose weight:

Simply feed your body less energy that it needs

However, it’s not really as simple as that. Yes, this method will work time and again, however, it’s kind of like using a shotgun, rather than a rifle. You will lose weight for sure, but this method doesn’t consider what kind of weight. You’re just as likely to lose muscle mass as you are to lose fat.

With less muscle mass (which uses up the energy you feed it) if you were to stop or slow down your diet and exercise plan at this point, you’re more likely to put on the weight again quicker than before, as you now have less muscle using up the energy you’re eating.

On the other hand, by increasing your testosterone levels for weight loss not only helps you burn off the layers of fat faster, but also helps you keep them off permanently.

First of all, Testosterone boosts your metabolic rate – which in turn increases the amount of energy you burn, therefore making an even bigger calorie defect.

The test hormone then filters into your blood stream and actively inhibits the creation of new fat cells and studies have shown that while it’s doing this, it’s still helping your body to increase muscle mass – or at least maintain it. The net effect of this is:

Testosterone burns more fat than Muscle

More muscle mass, means the weight you lose…remains lost – as with increased muscle mass – it should be easier for you to burn through the calories each day.

So… does taking testosterone really burn more fat than muscle? 

There have been a lot of studies into the effects of testosterone and weight loss.

One such study carried out by the University of Melbourne, observed patients over five years went something like this:

  • 100 fairly healthy but obese men were tested over a 56 week period
  • 49 of them were given T-hormone replacement therapy injections
  • 51 were given placebo injections
  • All 100 were placed on a 600 calorie per day diet for 10 weeks
  • All 100 were asked to perform 30 minutes of exercise per day
  • From the 11th to 56th week, participants were allowed to increase their daily calorie intake , but still asked to maintain a healthy balanced diet for the duration of the study
  • At the end of the study, both sets of men lost on average 11kg
  • However, the guys that received the real test injections, lost almost exclusively fat. Meanwhile the men given the placebo lost fat and muscle.

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Healthy Test levels are good for both men and women. If the test levels are good, it helps them to build muscle and maintain a good metabolism. As it’s been proven to boosts energy, as a side benefit of boosting your testosterone levels, you’re not as fatigued and therefore want to be more active and exercise more.

However, men who are overweight but have normal test levels should not go for therapy shots, an excess of anything is not good. You should simply try to maintain your muscle and fat balance by exercise but also by watching what you eat and trying to eat more foods known to boost testosterone levels where appropriate.

To keep test levels naturally healthy, you should know what to eat. Many people believe that in order to lose weight, fat should not be consumed. What they don’t know is that while avoiding all kinds of fat, they miss out on good fat, which is necessary for the body to produce testosterone. So, Consume a healthy diet; don’t avoid fats as the body really needs them.

Stress is also a major factor that affects testosterone levels. The stress might be due to work or personal life, and it is not good for your body. When a person is under stress, their body produces a hormone called cortisol, it’s useful in some situations but when it surpasses the normal amount, it lowers the T levels. Even when a person is dieting, it can be a stressful time for them.

To sum up, what testosterone really does, is help the body to retain energy to burn fat. It is okay for obese men to seek help in increasing their T levels if they are indeed suffering from lower than normal levels of testosterone. However we would not suggest anything as extreme as an injection for fat loss. You should attempt to test out a good test booster first and see if you get any improvement from that before attempting anything more intense and arguably more dangerous.

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