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BPI Sports Bulk Muscle Protein Powder Review

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Building mass is hard, as many of us found out all by ourselves. But you don’t have to be alone in your struggle. BPI Sports Bulk Muscle Protein Powder is here to help you achieve your dream body. Of course, you’ll still have to put up the work, but BPI’s “hot” gainer will be in charge of putting up mass.

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Don’t try this if you’re a beginner!

In a gainer, you’re surely looking for quality. And BPI Sports Bulk Muscle Protein Powder delivers 53 grams of mass building protein and 7 grams of BCAA’s. A hardcore weight gainer providing the energy and support for an even hardcore workout! Want to find out more about it? Well, protein and carbohydrate levels are important for mass, but BCAA’s are also a strong part of a gainer. BCAA’s prevents excessive fatigue, by reducing serotonin levels and even enhancing exercise performance.

If you want to build mass, you’ll go for the hard workout strategy, meaning that energy storage is a key factor in your training. Valine, leucine and isoleucine are essential branched-chain amino acids and are found in BPI Sports Bulk Muscle Protein Powder, the best gainer for 2016. Your body does not produce them, so it’s important to get them in your diet to be very active around the weights. You can get them naturally too, in foods like milk, eggs, meat, nuts or seeds.

Valine is in “pole-position” as importance, playing a role in regulating absorption of other amino acids. They then form a complex whole muscle tissue. Without BCAA’s, your muscle growth would be a lot slower. During times of stress, provoked by intense workouts, your body stops protein syntheses in the muscles. Here is where BCAA’s intervene, by allowing protein synthesis to continue. Leucine’s ability is to stimulate skeletal muscle protein synthesis. Add leucine supplements to a protein rich meal to increase muscle protein synthesis. Isoleucine is an amino acid that is best known for its ability to increase endurance and help heal and repair muscle tissue. All these three essential branched-chain amino acids aid muscle recovery after exercises.

It has a high protein to carb ratio, bringing more protein, more carbohydrates and more calories, elements meant to make you huge, killing the weights in the gym. Usually, gainers are a combination of both carbohydrates and protein, with a 2 to 1 ratio of carbohydrates to protein. Adding the fact that it mixes effortlessly with a blender, shaker, or spoon, we could say that BPI Sports Bulk Muscle Protein Powder is one of the best gainers on the market. Our recommendation is to take one serving at breakfast, another one after exercise, and/or also between meals when required. Low sugar and protein to carbs ratio are what made us open our eyes in front of this protein.

Regularly, it’s quite hard to recommend gainers, because the weight you’ll gain from these drinks is mostly body fat. And from there to being just fat, not big, it’s only one step. The carbs that are in most weight gainers will cause an insulin spike and thus promote fat storage, but not BPI Sports Bulk Muscle Protein Powder. From our point of view, we’re talking about the best gainer we’ve tested this year. The protein to carb ratio and low sugar is what attracted us to this.

BPI is an excellent brand which always provides good quality stuffs. On the supplements market since 2009, Be Powerful Incorporated sponsored some big names. One of them is Jay Cutler, four times Mister Olympia. And if such an enormous athlete is connected with BPI, then is quite sure we’re not wasting money on poor supplements.

A taste that’s not for everyone

Even though it’s a gainer and those pluses above should be everything that matters, the taste doesn’t feel like 5/5. Yes, the cookies and cream flavor is delicious, but only if you mix it with milk. With water, well, is another story. One that is ‘hard to read’ 2-4 times a day, if you catch our drift. You could also try the vanilla flavor, but it won’t make any big difference. Almost every protein you mix with water will have a blend taste, so it isn’t BPI Sports Bulk Muscle Protein Powder’s fault.  After we tested the product, we can say that this is the only downside of BPI Sports Bulk Muscle Protein Powder. But keep in mind that is a gainer and sometimes you just have to make some sacrifices to see the results. And those future gains are the only thing that matters, right?

Otherwise, the price is good, the protein to carbs ratio is excellent and the results are visible shortly after using it. You can find the 2.64 kg cookies and cream package for just 41,60 (pounds) on Amazon, an offer that you shouldn’t miss. If you have a strong stomach, then BPI Sports Bulk Muscle Protein Powder is the gainer for you.

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BPI Sports Bulk Muscle Protein Powder Review
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